About NNSP

"We will continue to grow
and become the company you trust most."

Since our foundation in 2003, Using ICT infrastructure consulting, deployment, and operation outsourcing as a key business model, NNSP have contributed to the creation of customer value through business areas such as IT infrastructure solution, physical security, and integrated outsourcing.

As smart society that creates new value through convergence of ICT and industry is not only rapidly entering intelligent information society, also precipitates an industrial revolution, Enhancing(or Tightening) security between industrial control systems and business networks, which are essential to major infrastructure and smart factories, is becoming more critical.

Based on its core capabilities specialized in the security intelligence of the industrial control system, NNSP is focusing on R&D and is growing as a leading security company that produces and supplies products that are global oriented.

We will develop and supply innovative security solutions for fast-changing ICT convergence environments in a timely manner (or at proper time) to lead a safer and happier cyber society, and become a company that customers trust the most.